Insect Pests of Jatropha curcas and Their Management

  • Mohan C. Division of Forest Protection, Tropical Forest Research Institute (ICFRE), Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh (482 021), India
  • Sowmya Priya Palar Agricultural College (TNAU), Vellore, Tamil Nadu (635 805), India
Keywords: Forest, Insect pests, Jatropha, Management


Jatropha curcas gaining global importance in recent years, the cultivation of this wild plant has increased in several countries of Asia and Africa. It is common to notice several biotic and abiotic constraints when plants from wild are domesticated on wider scale. The new introduction of J. curcas to commercial cultivation left the farmers with several questions on the importance and management of insect pests. Though about 40 insect pests were known to occur on Jatropha, less than 10 are quite frequent in their appearance. At this stage, since the economic importance of the crop as well as pest situation is not well known, farmers often approach extension personnel for appropriate management. Identification, sufficient information on pest biology, extent of damage and economically feasible management options are pre-requisites to initiate any pest management strategy. Close monitoring and early identification of these potential pests is of immense value as the importance of the crop stabilizes globally.


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