Grape Seed Extract as a Potential Antioxidant in Fish and Fishery Products

  • Sarojini A. Paraprofessional Institute of Fisheries Technology, TNJFU, Madhavaram Milk Colony, Chennai, Tamil Nadu (600 051), India
Keywords: Bioactivity, Fishery product, Grape seed extract, Natural antioxidant


Fishery products like ready-to-cook products and ready-to-eat products always have greater demand in the market. Due to the awareness of the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, consumer’s preference towards fishery products are high in demand. Fish is a highly perishable food and while marketing fishery products, the shelf stability and shelf life of the products are most important things that have to be taken in to consideration. While talking about the storage life of fishery products, there is a major challenge due to the oxidation of the products. Oxidation will cause non-desirable off-flavour. To retard this oxidation many synthetic antioxidants are used but synthetic ones can cause undesirable health effects. So, the use of natural antioxidants that is derived from plants and many plant extracts which are having potential antioxidant capacity can be used as an alternative for this and grape seed extracts is one among the natural antioxidants. At higher concentration grape seed extract can retard the oxidation of fish and fishery products considerably.


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